The Minneapolis Millers vs. the St. Paul Saints: 1902 to 1960
Game-by-game Line Scores for their 59-year Rivalry
The Millers host the Saints at Nicollet Park, Minneapolis, in a 1914 American Association contest.

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The Minneapolis Millers and the St. Paul Saints

          The religion of baseball can be a demanding one. For those who are committed to it, there is virtually no limit to the depths one can probe. Some are content to view the game for what it is, America's pastime, following the scores and standings as a means of passing time. This record is intended to be used and enjoyed by both sorts of fans. It presents a daily record of games for the casual observer to use as a guide to the history of a once-vital regional rivalry. Yet it also provides sufficient data for scholarly examination and analysis. Ultimately, its essential purpose is to inspire interest and motivate research.
          As charter members of the old American Association (1902 to 1962), the Millers and Saints held a unique regional status through 1960. Today, however, few people are aware of how important a role the two teams played in the Twin Cities area. While this work will appeal largely to those with a connection to the upper midwest, its value to researchers will prove significant, as it offers a the first-ever complete record for this once well-known rivalry.
          For those unfamiliar with the history of the Millers and Saints, this work offers an introduction through a statistical comparison between the two teams as part of a 59-year rivalry. Each spreadsheet contains a basic record for one entire season. A liberal use of color, along with a consistency of format, is intended to simplify data gathering and interpre-tation. Each inherent design element has a purpose, and it will be up to the researcher to determine the value of the overall design. These data formed the foundation for the book, The Millers and the Saints, Baseball Championships of the Twin Cities Rivals, 1903 to 1955 (2014).
          This record contains a statistical summary for each contest played between the Millers and the Saints from 1902 to 1960. It includes each team's runs, hits, at bats, and errors. The top portion of each spreadsheet includes two parts: on the left are games played at Minneapolis, and on the right are the games played at St. Paul. Both parts contain 12 columns, marked by standard baseball nomenclature but including non-standard abbreviations which are listed below:

          •  ss# -- season series game number, chronological)
          •  MOV -- margin of victory; high-game highlighted in yellow.
          •  WT/HT Record -- winning team/home team won-lost record.
          •  Inn. -- Innings; expressed as decimals, e.g., 8.5 indicates the game ended after the top half of the ninth inning; 8.5.2 indicates the contest ended with two outs in the bottom half of ninth inning.
          •  Dates -- expressed numerically, e.g., May 3, 1902 is expressed as 503 02.
          •  Doubleheaders -- listed alpha-numerically, e.g., the first game is marked with an "a," as in 704a 02, or July 4, 1902, the second game as 704b 02.
          • Night games -- designated with the letter "n" added to the date, e.g., 815 38 n, or August 15, 1938 at night.
          In the lower left-hand corner of each spreadsheet a color-coded section labeled "Series Highs" shows the quantity of various categories, such as shutouts, and allows for their quick identification in the game listing. In this section the word "venue" is abbreviated as "ven."

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1902 MIN vs. STP Line Scores

1903 MIN vs. STP Line Scores

1904 MIN vs. STP Line Scores

1905 MIN vs. STP Line Scores

1906 MIN vs. STP Line Scores

1907 MIN vs. STP Line Scores

1908 MIN vs. STP Line Scores

1909 MIN vs. STP Line Scores

1910 MIN vs. STP Line Scores

Published Works by the Author

The Millers and the Saints, Baseball Championships of the Twin Cities Rivals, 1903-1955, was published by McFarland in 2014. The book's statistical backbone is derived from the data found in the spreadsheets from this record. Readers and website users alike can now access the entire record as developed by the author and come up with new ways of using it. The book can still be obtained via and on eBay, as well as select bookstores in the Twin Cities area.
Published in 2015 by Arcadia Press, The Minneapolis Millers of the American Association has been praised by one librarian as a "great resource." It features 200 photographs which illustrate the rich history of the Millers from their inception in the American Association in 1902. Its contents derive largely from the wonderful collection of photographs belonging to the Hennepin County Library's Special Collections department.
Hamann wrote this book using the remarkable private photo collection of his friend Bob Koehler who sadly passed away just a few years after it was published in 2004. It was published by Arcadia Press and continues to be available through Amazon and eBay.
Please see the back page for more of Hamann's published baseball history works, a sampling of which is found at the bottom of the 1951-1960 section of this website.